Top 10 Best Solar Panels 2017 in Ashburn

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly way to save money on your electric bill, while also helping save our earth. Check out the top solar panel providers to learn more.

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How do Solar Panels work?

Simply put, a solar panel will turn the sun's’ light into electricity. While this may sound too good to be true, the solar cells, (also called photovoltaic cells) convert the energy so that it is usable for human consumption. The best solar companies will allow you to store excess energy during the day to use at night or in shadier times, so that you get the best solar efficiency from your panels, even when there is less sun available. The technology is constantly improving, and solar power is becoming an exciting alternative to traditional more limited energy sources for both residential and business use.

What are Solar Energy Pros and Cons?

The environmental benefits of solar energy are potentially limitless, and are the main reason why a lot of people make the move to solar power. Renewable, sustainable and abundant, the sun isn’t going anywhere any time soon, making it a great alternative to fossil fuels, coal or nuclear power. There is no pollution involved, and it’s available globally.

There are of course financial benefits too. Some of these are incentives offered by the government to encourage people to use solar power, and these can be checked here. Homeowners can also reduce their monthly electricity bills by as much as $100 per month by using solar energy instead of traditional power. Leasing the systems makes the initial cost a lot more reasonable too than an outright purchase. Solar panels are extremely low maintenance, requiring little to no upkeep to run and maintain.

Many people worry about the expense, and solar panel cost is definitely not to be underestimated. As an intermittent power source, you can’t guarantee savings, and they may change from year to year. Look for a solar power company which offers real-time monitoring so you can see how your system is doing. You may also want to make sure that you’re happy with the term length. Can the panels be moved with you if you move house? Often the length of term is around 20 years, making it a long term commitment.

Solar panels are not suitable for about 1/5 of US homes due to lack of space on rooftops. Look into shared or community solar gardens if you still want to benefit from solar energy.

Ready to look at some solar companies? Try our in-depth comparison chart to see at a glance which companies offer the right solar panel systems for your needs.